Optimally Controlled Quantum Information Processing on Single-Molecule Magnets

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This project forms part of a collaboration with applied mathematicians,  chemists and experimentalists in Karlsruhe (KIT), with the aim of realizing quantum computing  applications using single molecule magnets. Specifically, we focus on the theoretical modelling of higher-dimensional qudits that arise from the nuclear spins (and the associated hyperfine interaction) of rare-earth atoms embedded in these molecules. Addressing and manipulation of individual hyperfine states can be performed using microwave electric pulses. The latter can be shaped using optimal control techniques for quantum optimization and will enable faster, more noise-robust or low-consumption logical gates. The objective of the PhD thesis is to study this issue theoretically using different optimal control techniques.

Full job announcement: https://www.ipcms.fr/en/equipe/theoretical-quantum-dynamics-of-nano-objects-dyno/