SPIE@ICFO Maria Yzuel Fellowship Awards – Fellowship Awards for Woman* Undergraduate and Master Students

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Undertaking a challenging research project is vital for launching an ambitious research career.

ICFO is aware of the importance of encouraging women’s participation in science to enhance innovation, creativity and excellence in research.

The SPIE@ICFO Maria Yzuel Fellowship Awards aims to attract outstanding woman* students to conduct a Research Internship, Bachelor or Master Thesis with an ICFO research group.

By offering young women the possibility to explore science in a stimulating and supporting environment, these awards aim to attract, retain and promote woman* talent towards future research careers in the photonic sciences.

Up to 3 fellowships will be offered across all ICFO research groups.

Interested students should browse the different research group profiles available on the ICFO website, https://www.icfo.eu/lang/research, to identify the groups that best match their interests.

Selected students will participate in ICFO’s rich scientific life, benefit from the experience of ICFO researchers, cutting edge facilities, industrial projects, the institute’s stimulating and interdisciplinary environment, and as receive high-level training as well as extensive admin and tech support. They will collaborate with scientists on research assignments tailored from available projects at ICFO, and will also acquire skills for communicating their research results.

In addition, internal Undergraduate and Master student opportunities might become available, for which we may retain candidates applying to this present call.

*We welcome cis and trans women

Apply here: https://jobs.icfo.eu/?detail=790