Post-doctoral position in development of low-cost CMOS compatible intersubband optoelectronics (photodetectors and light emitters) in the MWIR and LWIR leveraging colloidal quantum dot technology

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ICFO is offering up to two postdoctoral positions to well-qualified, highly motivated and dynamic young scientists who wish to enhance their scientific career in a friendly and stimulating environment.

The Functional Optoelectronic NanoMaterials group at ICFO, led by ICREA Prof. Gerasimos Konstantatos, is looking for outstanding, creative and highly motivated researchers to develop highly performant, CMOS compatible, infrared colloidal quantum dot photodetectors and light emitters exploiting intersubband transitions.

The project is focused in the mid and long wave infrared employing colloidal quantum dot films engineered at the atomic as well as at the supra-nanocrystalline level to address applications related to safety and security, remote sensing, environmental monitoring, thermal imaging etc.

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