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ICFO is a research center located in the Mediterranean Technology Park in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, and currently hosts 400+ people, including researchers, PhD students and staff personnel. Today, in its area of specialization and category, the institute is consistently ranked among the highest-quality research institutions worldwide.

ICFO’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Team is proactive in establishing partnerships with industrial corporations and is responsible for all types of outreach activities. ICFO’s Outreach activities endeavor to inspire all interested school and university students, teachers, physicians, fellow scientists, the general public and industry at large to discover the wonders and potential of photonics, the science and technology of light. (Please visit outreach.icfo.eu for more details).

The applicant will work in ICFO’s KTT unit, acting as the lead person for a variety of outreach projects. The ultimate aim of the position is to promote the importance, potential, pervasiveness and ubiquity of the Science and Technology conducted at ICFO. We are looking for a proactive, motivated and inspirational individual. The main tasks of this person will be:

– Identifying, developing, executing and/or coordinating a wide variety of effective internal and external outreach projects and activities, ensuring that the project work plan and milestones are properly fulfilled. Activities will be specifically designed to support ICFO’s Outreach vision. Activities will be target-specific and will aim at reaching out to all types of audiences and stakeholders, especially high-schools, university students, industry and the general public.

– Developing, managing and executing effective internal and external outreach projects.

– Creating content around ICFO’s fields in photonics using different formats and directed to different target audiences.

– Monitoring, reporting and promoting project results.

– Establishing relationships with allies, companies, other research institutions and funding agencies.

– Proactively attending networking events and activities related to strengthening the links between ICFO and different stakeholders.

– Working as a part of the ICFO KTT team.

Apply here: https://jobs.icfo.eu/?detail=781