KTT Quantum Technologies Project Portfolio Manager

Full Time
Employment Information

ICFO Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Department is proactive in establishing partnerships with industrial corporations and in fostering spin-off creation. One of our main goals is to act as a leading ally of the optics and photonics industry.

The appointee will work in ICFO’s KTT unit, acting as Project Manager of specific projects in the quantum science and technology sector. We are looking for a proactive and motivated individual, with a professional attitude and strong work ethic. The appointee’s main tasks will be:

– Driving the identification, development, and execution of internal and external activities within the projects to ensure that the work plan and milestones are properly fulfilled.
– Monitoring, reporting and promoting the project results.
– Engaging with project stakeholders to secure their on-going commitment.
– Proactively organizing and attending meetings, networking events and activities aimed to strengthening links between ICFO and the projects partners and stakeholders.
– Perform prospective technological studies and benchmarking of the state of the art of the targeted technological sectors of interest.
– Evaluate the commercial potential of the portfolio of inventions, discoveries and research initiatives in the sector.
– Collaborating in the development of long-term strategy for the portfolio.
– Working as a part of the ICFO KTT team.

This position will be funded by EU NextGenerationEU/PRTR.

Apply here: https://jobs.icfo.eu/?detail=659